Modern ActivityPub compliant server

Updated 7 hours ago

Internet independent, decentralised ad-hoc wireless communication application

Updated 10 hours ago

p2p chat in the terminal

Updated 19 hours ago

Gemini Server in C. From

Updated 20 hours ago

Run your own internet services

Updated 1 day ago

Secure messaging, anywhere.

Updated 1 day ago


Updated 1 day ago

Experimental VF-1-derived client for the "Gemini" protocol. Forked from

Updated 2 days ago

The Unsinkable Molly Brown: a full-featured Gemini server implemented in Go

Updated 3 days ago

Security settings for Firefox

Updated 3 days ago

A modern MU* engine with AberMUD universe. Based on dumserver

Updated 6 days ago

Distributed code review

Updated 1 week ago

Linux Kernel Module Programming Guide

Updated 2 weeks ago

Python p2p example

Updated 2 weeks ago

A version of the Conversations XMPP app which only uses onion addresses.

Updated 3 weeks ago

Command to get Tox ID

Updated 1 month ago

Tox user interface

Updated 1 month ago peer and server implementations

Updated 1 month ago

Live streaming via IPFS

Updated 1 month ago

Terminal font

Updated 1 month ago