A game of exploration, battle and adventure in medieval Wales. Experience DnD style combat, gambling disputes and puzzling mysteries in the magnificent city of Tranoch, with dynamic scenery, wildlife and weather effects.

Updated 47 minutes ago

Secure messaging, anywhere.

Updated 11 hours ago

A distributed, syncable key-value store

Updated 15 hours ago

Run your own internet services

Updated 17 hours ago

Modern ActivityPub compliant server, designed for simplicity and accessibility. Includes calendar and sharing economy features to empower your federated community.

Updated 1 day ago

The Unsinkable Molly Brown: a full-featured Gemini server implemented in Go

Updated 1 day ago


Updated 3 days ago

Experimental VF-1-derived client for the "Gemini" protocol. Forked from https://tildegit.org/solderpunk/AV-98

Updated 5 days ago

Internet independent, decentralised ad-hoc wireless communication application

Updated 1 week ago

Security settings for Firefox

Updated 2 weeks ago

p2p chat in the terminal

Updated 3 weeks ago

An asynchronous programming library for GNU Guile

Updated 3 weeks ago

A tool for making simple Python GUIs

Updated 1 month ago

Awful AI is a curated list to track current scary usages of AI - hoping to raise awareness

Updated 1 month ago

Shuts down if a USB device is added or removed.

Updated 1 month ago

The Jargon File - a modern version

Updated 1 month ago

Gemini Server in C. From https://github.com/jovoro/geminid

Updated 1 month ago

Font based upon the typeface from Mother Earth

Updated 1 month ago

Terminal font

Updated 1 month ago

cwtch.im peer and server implementations

Updated 1 month ago