1. Hubzilla 1.4
  2. [This list may appear brief, but encompasses a huge amount of re-writing and re-factoring
  3. of the internal code structure to gain long-term performance and stability and provide a standard
  4. interface to alternate protocol federation plugins which were made possible by the UNO configuration.
  5. UNO is a configuration of hubzilla introduced in 1.3 with reduced complexity and which provides
  6. improved protocol federation potential to other networks by virtue of removing nomadic identity
  7. (which is not possible to model or work around using other network protocols).]
  8. Implement channel move operation for UNO configuration
  9. Remove bookmark references in UNO (which has no bookmarks by default)
  10. UI cleanup profiles/chat/manage
  11. Refactor webfinger probes and salmon backend for GNU-social federation
  12. SECURITY: DAV authentication exploit
  13. Context help added
  14. More help pages
  15. Provide 'posts only' feed
  16. Refactor App to remove globals
  17. Refactor Session to remove globals
  18. provide a fullscreen mode for selected modules and functions
  19. Regression: some addon routes broken
  20. fix "remember me"
  21. Autocomplete tool extended to bbcode/comanche
  22. Clone sync of file/photo updates
  23. system rename (e.g. http to https or DNS name change) missing some connection photos
  24. calendar module not blocked to public whhen block_public enabled
  25. Use timeago.js in reshare content so that timestamps will be correct on federated reshares
  26. Rework detection of JavaScript to avoid reload penalty under normal operation
  27. Changed primary directory server to a hubzilla server
  28. Plugins:
  29. Diaspora - switch to alternate XML parser to avoid storing compound objects
  30. GNU-Social - Huge amounts of work, federation somewhat working now, several issues remain
  31. Friendica - Initial federation work (not yet published)
  32. Hubzilla 1.3
  33. Admin Security configuration page created which consolidates several previously hidden settings:
  34. Communication white/black lists
  35. Channel white/black lists
  36. OEmbed white/black lists
  37. Admin Profile Fields page created which manages the availability and order of standard profile fields and allows new fields to be created/managed
  38. "Poke" module reworked - page UI updated and "poke basic" setting introduced which limits the available poke "verbs".
  39. "Mood" module UI reworked
  40. "profile_photo" module UI reworked
  41. "cover_photo" module UI reworked
  42. "new_channel" module UI reworked
  43. "register" module UI reworked
  44. "pubsites" module UI reworked
  45. item-meta ("iconfig") created which implements arbitrary storage for item metadata for plugins
  46. abook-meta ("abconfig") created which implements arbitrary storage for connection metadata for plugins
  47. "Strict transport security header" made optional as it conflicts with some existing Apache/nginx configurations
  48. "Hubzilla UNO" (Hubzilla with radically simplified and locked site settings) implemented as an install configuration.
  49. .well-known directory conflict worked out to support LetsEncrypt cert ownership checks without disrupting webfinger and other internal uses of .well-known
  50. Lots of work on 'zcards' which are self-contained HTML representations of a channel including cover photos, profile photos, and some text information
  51. Long standing bug uncovered which failed to properly restrict the lower time limit for public feed requests
  52. A number of fixes to "readmore" to fix page jumping
  53. Bugfix: persons other than the channel owner who have permission to upload photos to a channel could not do so if the js_upload plugin/addon was enabled
  54. Siteinfo incorrectly identifying secondary directory servers
  55. Allow admin to set and lock features when UNO is configured
  56. Atom feeds: alter how events are formatted to be compatible with GNU-social
  57. Allow guest/visitor access to view personal calendar
  58. Moved several more classes to "composer format" and provided an autoloader.
  59. Bugfix: require existing password to change password
  60. Bugfix: allow relative_date() to be translated to Polish which has more than two plural forms.
  61. Plugin API: add "requires" keyword to module header to indicate dependent addons
  62. ActivityStreams improvements and cleanup: photo and file activities
  63. UI cleanup for editing profile when multiple profiles enabled
  64. Removed the "markdown" feature as there are numerous issues and no maintainer.
  65. Provide "footer" bbcode to ease theming of post footer content
  66. Bugfix: install issues caused by composer code refactor and typo in postgres load file
  67. Plugins:
  68. keepout - "block public on steroids"
  69. pubsubhubbub - provides PuSH support to Atom feeds, required for GNU-social federation
  70. GNUsocial protocol - under development
  71. Diaspora protocol - some work to ease migration to the new signing format
  72. Diaspost - disabled; numerous issues and no maintainer
  73. smileybutton - theme work and fixed compatibility with other jot-tools plugins
  74. Hubzilla 1.2
  75. Provide extra HTTP security headers (several of them).
  76. Allow a site to disable delivery reports if disk space is limited
  77. Regression: Wrong theme when viewing single post as non-member
  78. Some Diaspora profile photos use relative URLs - force absolute
  79. Add locked features to siteinfo report to aid remote debugging
  80. Provide version compatibility checking to plugins (minversion, maxversion, and minphpversion)
  81. Account config storage
  82. Provide optional integrated registration and channel create form
  83. cli utility for managing addons
  84. issue with sharing photo "items"
  85. cover photo manager: upload, crop, and store
  86. cover photo widget created
  87. rework the connections list page and provide a few management features there
  88. fixed issue with Comanche layout definitions loaded by plugins
  89. provide ability to separate delivery functions from item_store() and item_store_update() - some forum messages were being redelivered when cloned.
  90. call build_sync_packet() on pdledit changes
  91. Abstract the project name and version so these can be customised or removed
  92. Allow hiding the ratings links on a per-site basis
  93. db_type not present in international setup templates - was unable to choose postgres.
  94. item_photo_menu logically divided into a) actions on the post, b) actions related to the author
  95. bug: default channel not reset to 0 when last channel removed
  96. create widget containing only the contact block
  97. regression: public forums granted send stream permissions to connections
  98. workaround Firefox's refusal to honour disabling autocomplete of passwords
  99. regression: photo's uploaded to a channel by a guest (with file write permissions) not saved correctly.
  100. provide mechanisms for custom .well-known handlers (needed for LetsEncrypt ownership verification)
  101. proc_run modified to use exec() instead of proc_open() - causing issues on some PHP installations
  102. remote delegation failure under a specific set of circumstances which we were finally able to duplicate
  103. Delegation section of Channel Manager was missing names and contained useless notification icons.
  104. Change "expire" channel setting to show system limit if there is one.
  105. Regression: provide a one-click ignore of pending connection
  106. Config to control directory keyword generation on client and server.
  107. "Collections" renamed to "Privacy Groups", documentation improved
  108. widget_item - allow use of page title instead of message id
  109. Add site black/white list checking to all .well-known services
  110. reduce incidents of screen jumping when "showmore" is activated
  111. add oembed provider for photos
  112. Addons:
  113. CSS theming of pageheader plugin
  114. xmpp addon ported from Friendica
  115. Diaspora private mail issues after the third reply
  116. Occasional issue with Diaspora connection requests
  117. Add notification email to Diaspora PMs
  118. Allow anonymising platform and version for statistics
  119. msgfooter addon created
  120. removed embedly plugin
  121. sync clones after superblock addition
  122. "keepout" plugin created
  123. Hubzilla 1.1
  124. Rewrote and simplified the Queue manager and delivery system
  125. Rewrote and simplified the outer layers of the Zot protocol
  126. Use a standard version numbering scheme in addition to the snapshot tags
  127. Provide a channel blacklist for blocking channels with abusive or illegal content at the hub level
  128. Make the black/white lists pluggable
  129. Update template library
  130. Support for letsencrypt certs in various places
  131. Cleanup of login and register pages
  132. Better error responses for permission denied on channel file repositories
  133. Disabled the public stream by default for new installs (can be enabled if desired)
  134. Cleanup of API authentication and rework the old OAuth1 stuff
  135. Add API "status with media" support compatible with Twitter and conflicting method for GNU-social
  136. Rework photo ActivityStreams objects to align better with ActivityStreams producers/consumers
  137. Several minor API fixes to work better with AndStatus client
  138. Invitation only site - experimental support added, needs more work
  139. Fix delivery loop condition due to corrupted data which resulted in recursive upstream delivery
  140. Provide more support for external (git) widget collections.
  141. Extend the Queue API to 3rd-party network addons which have experienced downtime recently.
  142. Regression: Inherited permissions were not explicitly set
  143. Regression: "Xyz posted on your wall" notification sent when creating webpages at another channel
  144. Regression: Custom permissions not pre-populated on channel creation with named role.
  145. Provide "Public" string when a post can be made public, instead of "visible to default audience"
  146. Allow hub admin to specify a default role type for the first channel created, reducing complexity
  147. Ability for a hub admin to set feature defaults and lock them, reducing complexity
  148. Change default expiration of delivery reports to 10 days to accomodate sites with reduced resources
  149. Addons/Plugins:
  150. Pageheader addon ported from Friendica
  151. Hubwall (allow admin to send email to all accounts on this hub) created
  152. GNU-social - queueing added
  153. Diaspora - fixes for various failures to update profile photos, updates to queue API
  154. Cross Domain Authenticated Chess (Andrew Manning's repository)
  155. And... the normal "lots of bugs fixed, translations updated, and documentation improved"