Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  redmatrix 91cc365143 reverse the logic of the jsenabled setting so that sessions without js are performance penalised instead of regular sessions. 4 years ago
  redmatrix 0fe4957274 when setting the session handler as an object using the auto register shutdown flag, explicitly calling session_write_close() should no longer be required. It shouldn't cause any issues if it is called twice, but the session driver interface has been known to sometimes act in unexpected ways and there are lots of "subtleties" which can often be difficult to debug. The mentioned flag implies PHP 5.4 minimum but I believe we require that anyway. 4 years ago
  redmatrix 9b66b5eee3 objectify all the session management stuff 4 years ago
  redmatrix fb9c12df15 rework the "remember me" fix to be a bit less hackish 4 years ago
  redmatrix a703835b5c Bug: "remember me" doesn't 4 years ago
  redmatrix 44283dbbbb change the App constructor 4 years ago
  redmatrix 0cda431456 create miniApp to convert existing settings files to the static App class 4 years ago
  redmatrix 9abd95fad3 static App 4 years ago
  redmatrix 1cd3b41825 deprecate $a->get_baseurl() 4 years ago
  redmatrix b101a8f6fb missing function 4 years ago
  redmatrix 1db3409f36 add router class 4 years ago
  redmatrix b4e3cd000f rev update 4 years ago
  redmatrix a341c889b7 add oembed provider for photos 4 years ago
  redmatrix 10ed334e8c various issues from the forums 4 years ago
  redmatrix baedd25309 'auto channel creation' - if the corresponding config variable is set, create a channel when an account is created. 4 years ago
  redmatrix 37368bda65 change _newwin to _blank because the window named _newwin may be hard to find if you have lots of windows/tabs open. 4 years ago
  ken restivo e56633d5b0 Throw HTTP error and display error message when database is unavailable. #179 4 years ago
  redmatrix 15b6e8faa4 Merge branch 'master' of 4 years ago
  redmatrix 964e461e09 allow plugins to provide module handlers for arbitrary modules that haven't been installed on the system. 4 years ago
  redmatrix b43c0bc471 we aren't using the module_aside functions or hooks any more 4 years ago
  Klaus Weidenbach e90c331bf6 Add PHP's xml module check and upload limits to setup. 5 years ago
  friendica 37384c0b27 automated warning after a few days if poller is dead 5 years ago
  friendica 18f5e269ce fix 404 pages for derivative themes by pretending we've found a module called '404'. This way all the correct theme initialisation stuff will happen. 5 years ago
  friendica a496036066 local_user => local_channel 5 years ago
  Habeas Codice ac27db22c1 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' 5 years ago
  Habeas Codice 1a5a5c7edb PostgreSQL support initial commit 5 years ago
  Thomas Willingham 474e7fff00 Remove legacy custom/ 5 years ago
  friendica 11ccf253e2 Heads up: "custom/module.php" is deprecated. Please read this commit if you are affected. 5 years ago
  friendica cb15c73dae move all theme initialisation to one place - just after calling module_init. Revert if there are serious issues, but please note the issues in as much detail as possible so we can work through them. 5 years ago
  friendica f8468b4c3a allow custom role permissions and fix site timezone. 5 years ago