Plot historical temperature trends

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This is a commandline tool for educational or research purposes which generates graphs showing changes in average temperatures over time, using data from the Global Historical Climatology Network.

Also for temperatures below sea level see


To compile from source first install the prerequisites:

On a Debian based system:

sudo apt-get install build-essential gnuplot wget marble

On Arch/Parabola:

sudo pacman -S gnuplot wget marble

To compile the command line program:

sudo make install

Obtaining the data

Before you begin you'll need to download the latest version of the GHCN version 3 data. tempgraph needs three files: the country codes, the weather stations and the temperature data itself. These files can be obtained here:

cd data
tar -xzvf ghcnm.tavg.latest.qca.tar.gz
cd ..

The compressed archive contains two files, one which is the temperature data (.dat) and the other which contains details of the weather stations (.inv). I typically rename these to:

cp data/ghcnm.*/*.dat data/v3.mean
cp data/ghcnm.*/*.inv data/wmo.txt
cp data/country-codes data/


For how to use the command see the manpage.

man tempgraph