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Spleen is a monospaced bitmap font available in 5 sizes:

  • 5x8
  • 8x16
  • 12x24
  • 16x32
  • 32x64

Each size is provided in the Glyph Bitmap Distribution Format (BDF), and release tarballs contain the fonts in the following formats: PCF, PSF (for the Linux console), and .dfont for Macintosh users.

All font sizes contain all ISO/IEC 8859-1 characters, except for the 5x8 version which only contains printable ASCII characters due to character size constraints.

The font name is a reference to Baudelaire.


The following screenshots show Spleen 16x32 displaying code and prose.

Spleen - Hello

Spleen - L'etranger

ASCII characters for all sizes:

Spleen 5x8:

Spleen - ASCII characters - 5x8

Spleen 8x16:

Spleen - ASCII characters - 8x16

Spleen 12x24:

Spleen - ASCII characters - 12x24

Spleen 16x32: Spleen - ASCII characters - 16x32

Spleen 32x64: Spleen - ASCII characters - 32x64

XLFD font names



Packages are available for the following operating systems:

Manual installation

*BSD and Linux

Clone the repository, convert the files to the Portable Compiled Format (PCF) using bdftopcf and run mkfontdir in the directory.

Mac OS X / macOS

macOS users should use the provided .dfont file containing all sizes.


*BSD and Linux

Update the font path to include Spleen:

xset +fp /usr/local/share/fonts/spleen/

Update .Xdefaults and add one of the following directives:

xterm*faceName: spleen:pixelsize=8:antialias=false
xterm*faceName: spleen:pixelsize=16:antialias=false
xterm*faceName: spleen:pixelsize=24:antialias=false
xterm*faceName: spleen:pixelsize=32:antialias=false
xterm*faceName: spleen:pixelsize=64:antialias=false

Launch xterm.

Linux console

Release tarballs provide PSF files for each size, setfont can be used to load and set the desired font.

FreeBSD console

The FreeBSD package contains .fnt files which can be loaded using vidcontrol(1).

For example, to load Spleen 16x32:

vidcontrol -f /usr/local/share/fonts/spleen/spleen-16x32.fnt

Mac OS X / macOS

Configure the terminal application to use Spleen, and make sure anti-aliasing is disabled.

Use the following sizes:

  • Spleen 5x8: 8 Pt
  • Spleen 8x16: 16 Pt
  • Spleen 12x24: 24 Pt
  • Spleen 16x32: 32 Pt
  • Spleen 32x64: 64 Pt


Spleen is released under the BSD 2-Clause license. See LICENSE file for details.


Spleen is developed by Frederic Cambus.


GitHub: https://github.com/fcambus/spleen