Tox user interface

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Travis CI Translate on Weblate Gitter

qTox is a powerful Tox client that follows the Tox design guidelines while running on all major platforms.

User Manual | Install/Build | Roadmap | Report bugs | Jenkins builds | Mailing list | IRC: #qtox@freenode

Windows Linux OS X FreeBSD
64 bit installer, signature Arch, Gentoo Building instructions Package & Port
32 bit installer, signature Experimental download
64 bit, 32 bit portable Other

Bold options are recommended.

Builds other than installer/packages don't receive updates automatically, so make sure you get back to this site and regularly download the latest version of qTox.

Help us

If you're wondering how could you help, fear not, there are plenty of ways :smile:

Some of them are:


Note: The screenshots may not always be up to date, but they should give a good idea of the general look and features.

Screenshot 01 Screenshot 02


  • One to one chat with friends
  • Group chats
  • File transfers, with previewing of images
  • Audio calls, including group calls
  • Video calls
  • ToxMe and Tox URI support
  • Translations in over 30 languages
  • Avatars
  • Faux offline messages
  • History
  • Screenshots
  • Emoticons
  • Auto-updates on Windows and packages on Linux
  • And many more options!

Organizational stuff

Happens in both IRC channel #qtox@freenode and on qTox-dev mailing list. If you are interested in participating, join the channel and subscribe to the mailing list.

There are IRC logs available.

GPG fingerprints

List of GPG fingerprints used by qTox developers to sign commits, merges, tags, and possibly other stuff.

Active qTox maintainers:

3103 9166 FA90 2CA5 0D05  D608 5AF9 F2E2 9107 C727      – Diadlo
C7A2 552D 0B25 0F98 3827  742C 1332 03A3 AC39 9151      – initramfs
CA92 21C5 389B 7C50 AA5F  7793 52A5 0775 BE13 DF17      - noavarice
DA26 2CC9 3C0E 1E52 5AD2  1C85 9677 5D45 4B8E BF44      – sudden6
2880 C860 D95C 909D 3DA4  5C68 7E08 6DD6 6126 3264      – tux3
BA78 83E2 2F9D 3594 5BA3  3760 5313 7C30 33F0 9008      – zetok

Past qTox maintainers:

F365 8D0A 04A5 76A4 1072  FC0D 296F 0B76 4741 106C      – agilob
1157 616B BD86 0C53 9926  F813 9591 A163 FF9B E04C      – antis81
1D29 8BC7 25B7 BE82 65BA  EAB9 3DB8 E053 15C2 20AA      – Dubslow

Windows updates, managed by tux3:

AED3 1134 9C23 A123 E5C4  AA4B 139C A045 3DA2 D773