Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  eax0r c196d5396c Update nuklear.h 1 year ago
  eax0r 5c4618fc57 Update nuklear.h 1 year ago
  crazyBaboon ab742d9126 Use C style comment 1 year ago
  Tom Gaudasinski 12b20bb0f4 Fixing the nk_cos function with a new implementation generated from lolremez. Old one deviated significantly from a cos() implementation. 1 year ago
  Tom Gaudasinski c38d4dff41 Upping the version. Adding changelog message. Adding comment as to why glyph_count needs to be zeroed. 1 year ago
  Tom Gaudasinski 01460cafa2 Issue #896: If we're not merging, then it's possible we're re-baking. Clear the glyph counter so that we start from zero again. 1 year ago
  Kevin Harrison d056ca6e72 Fix slashes in documentation 1 year ago
  Kevin Harrison a293ca4591 Bump version to 4.01.0 1 year ago
  Kevin Harrison 26a3480a31 Allow for NULL arguments to nk_***_get_scroll 1 year ago
  Kevin Harrison 213e3af261 Add nk_popup_get_scroll and nk_popup_set_scroll 1 year ago
  Kevin Harrison 42f4a03273 Add nk_window_get_scroll and nk_window_set_scroll 1 year ago
  Kevin Harrison b9f84362fb Add nk_group_get_scroll and nk_group_set_scroll 1 year ago
  0x0203 8a262f7e90 Fix panel drawing bug where background wasn't drawn for last column 1 year ago
  Robert Winkler b6d5293dfb Add NK_KEYSTATE_BASED_INPUT changes to src files 1 year ago
  Robert Winkler 1a6c30693f Add NK_KEYSTATE_BASED_INPUT documentation comment 1 year ago
  Robert Winkler 36a8d2a5ad Fix issue 548 1 year ago
  Micha Mettke 19c14bb777 Merge pull request #726 from grynca/master 1 year ago
  grynca 9ee9dca307 unwinding memcpy to 4x byte assignments 2 years ago
  Micha Mettke 0275cc5789 Merge pull request #711 from Lusted4ever/master 2 years ago
  Maxim Kasperski 9c87b9f5e5 Update nuklear.h 2 years ago
  Micha Mettke 744cd2cc93 Merge pull request #729 from diggit/fixes 2 years ago
  Micha Mettke 997e6cc981 Merge pull request #730 from FredrikHson/master 2 years ago
  Micha Mettke 4ff9fe6dc6 Merge pull request #725 from quink-black/fix-nk_begin_titled 2 years ago
  Micha Mettke 961b411123 Merge pull request #716 from quink-black/dev 2 years ago
  Fredrik Hansson 26c6e246b7 changed the boolean logic for the assert for the size of nk_draw_index 2 years ago
  Fredrik Hansson 2b03f44898 make the size of nk_draw_index an option, also make the documentation a bit more clear. 2 years ago
  Fredrik Hansson 5cea113a9c fix #718 by moving all the changes to src/nuklear.h 2 years ago
  diggit e86fcabce7 fix scrollbar dragging behavior, similar to #688 2 years ago
  diggit b17df7b463 fix wrong dynamic panel footer filling 2 years ago
  diggit 6473a45543 Regenerate nukelar.h, unfortunately reverts #718 2 years ago