Commit History

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  dumblob 8cd276714c Merge pull request #876 from Lory171/master 3 weeks ago
  Lory171 130f0a6303 x11_xft fixes 3 weeks ago
  dumblob c3f6c73d5c Merge pull request #872 from moeinfinityx/patch-1 1 month ago
  Infinity_X 15e4dae107 Add type conversion for calloc 1 month ago
  dumblob 5fa99df235 Merge pull request #871 from Lory171/x11_xft-fix-resize-issue 1 month ago
  Lory171 7decd7c600 x11_xft fix resize issue 1 month ago
  dumblob cc7a5430fb Merge pull request #802 from keharriso/get-set-scroll 1 month ago
  Kevin Harrison d056ca6e72 Fix slashes in documentation 1 month ago
  Kevin Harrison 2c49a120ea Update changelog in doc/nuklear.html 1 month ago
  Kevin Harrison a293ca4591 Bump version to 4.01.0 8 months ago
  Kevin Harrison 26a3480a31 Allow for NULL arguments to nk_***_get_scroll 5 months ago
  Kevin Harrison 213e3af261 Add nk_popup_get_scroll and nk_popup_set_scroll 8 months ago
  Kevin Harrison 42f4a03273 Add nk_window_get_scroll and nk_window_set_scroll 8 months ago
  Kevin Harrison b9f84362fb Add nk_group_get_scroll and nk_group_set_scroll 8 months ago
  dumblob 9854477f0b Merge pull request #817 from ccawley2011/sfml-fix 2 months ago
  dumblob bb327b97a9 Merge pull request #860 from Tropby/master 2 months ago
  Tropby 386386f7de added casts to HBITMAP (needed to compile with mingw 32bit) 2 months ago
  dumblob 8f5c1bef9c Merge pull request #856 from 0x0203/panel_bg_fix 2 months ago
  0x0203 8a262f7e90 Fix panel drawing bug where background wasn't drawn for last column 2 months ago
  dumblob e41c07802f Merge pull request #854 from 0x0203/x11_rawfb_fixes 2 months ago
  0x0203 e8d1c38546 Fix nits (see PR #851) to clean up x11_rawfb 2 months ago
  dumblob 875461670d Merge pull request #851 from 0x0203/x11_rawfb_fixes 2 months ago
  dumblob 9b8815a5cf Merge pull request #852 from aberba/patch-1 2 months ago
  Lawrence Aberba 0b95a6af3f Update 2 months ago
  Lawrence Aberba 72be7376a8 Update 2 months ago
  0x0203 4de6d284a3 - Determine pixel layout at runtime instead of relying on compile-time flags 2 months ago
  0x0203 1dfe4ebc19 Implement software rendering of RECT_MUTI_COLOR for x11_rawfb 2 months ago
  0x0203 46031ccc5f Make x11_rawfb set_style() examples correct 2 months ago
  0x0203 6d24023d98 - Implement text foreground color 2 months ago
  dumblob bbc8c925dc Merge pull request #848 from 0x0203/x11_rawfb_colclip 2 months ago