Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  DalmeGNU 8779aa6b56 session.c: xfree() instead of free() 10 months ago
  DalmeGNU 88a3e8f154 mem.c: Add xfree() 10 months ago
  DalmeGNU 9152af8515 Create a defined constant for every GNUsocial API resource 10 months ago
  DalmeGNU f761007b5e Implement gnusocial_get_error() as a way for programs to get general error messages 10 months ago
  DalmeGNU 17336ae37f * src/gnusocial.c: check_account_credentials_length() should return an error if non-optional fields are filled with NULL(zero) values 10 months ago
  DalmeGNU 8ac83f6013 * docs/man/libgnusocial.1: Keep the man documentation as a text file 10 months ago
  DalmeGNU 23648633eb Check API errors directly in gnusocial_api_request() 11 months ago
  DalmeGNU 4cb2f38389 * src/gnusocial.h: Add references to new functions at src/session.c 11 months ago
  DalmeGNU 62563a747c Let the program set a custom source to sign post-related requests 11 months ago
  DalmeGNU a472eca637 Get functions at src/user.c work with the new libgnusocial API 11 months ago
  DalmeGNU 3272873c15 Add account information support to sessions 11 months ago
  DalmeGNU b0570e8bf9 Convert gs_datatoaccount() to parser_get_account_info() and contain it at src/parser.c 11 months ago
  DalmeGNU 94bcca8b05 Get src/timeline.c work with the new libgnusocial API 11 months ago
  DalmeGNU 1d5e0d2188 * src/status.c: Set how many status have been downloaded at session structure 11 months ago
  DalmeGNU 8f520b3c99 Get the functions at src/status.c work with the new libgnusocial API 11 months ago
  DalmeGNU 55b5039215 Get src/image.c functions work with the new libgnusocial API 11 months ago
  DalmeGNU 98b295f948 Get src/group.c work with the new libgnusocial API and refactor it 11 months ago
  DalmeGNU 895ddfdce9 * src/gnusocial.h: Update reference to gnusocial_api_request() 11 months ago
  DalmeGNU b4f942cf10 Upgrade api.c functions to work with the new libgnusocial API 11 months ago
  DalmeGNU d63b0a5e17 Edit gnusocial_get_number_of_groups() to get it work with the new session-based API 11 months ago
  DalmeGNU 37631f8140 Improve parser functions to deal with errors. Some minor bugs fixed 11 months ago
  DalmeGNU 4352d00645 Add first implementation of function gnusocial_server_version() 11 months ago
  DalmeGNU 5d4ab618a8 Modify gnusocial_api_request() in order to get it working with sessions 11 months ago
  DalmeGNU 6591da0f98 Remove AUTHORS file (they will be listed on 11 months ago
  DalmeGNU aa5d72e045 Sessions support WIP implementation 11 months ago
  DalmeGNU 472174f81c * src/gnusocial.h: Added reference for new functions at src/session.c 11 months ago
  DalmeGNU 4872a4bcc5 * src/session.c: Added gnusocial_session_error() and gnusocial_session_xml(). Added member xml to gnusocial_session_t structure 11 months ago
  DalmeGNU d7aec1ae41 * src/session.c: Add functions to create and free sessions, add gnusocial_session_t type to gnusocial.h 11 months ago
  DalmeGNU 992f17f09d * src/parser.c: Use sizeof() where possible 11 months ago
  DalmeGNU f94eb60331 Change function prefix gs_ with gnusocial_ 11 months ago