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Hypercollage: Evolutionary art builder

Hypercollage enables you to make collages from a directory containing 24bit RGB images. Images must be in PNG format. It loads the images, segments them and then recombines the segments to produce 9 example images. You can select one of the examples and continue evolving it, or reset for another random set of combinations.


To build from source:

sudo make install

Unit tests

You can run the unit tests to check that the system is working as expected:

cd unittests


If you have a directory containing some PNG images, called myimages:

hypercollage -i myimages

Make sure that you are running the command from a different directory in order to avoid confusion.

The Next Generation

If you want to pick an image to produce the next generation:

hypercollage -i myimages --winner [number]

Where the number is in the range 0 to 8.

Starting Over

If you want to reset and get another set of random images without reference to any previous evolution:

hypercollage -i myimages -r

Image Resolution

You can also change the resolution. It will take longer to produce higher resolution images.

hypercollage -i myimages -s 2048