Emacs mode for GNU Social

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mkdir ~/elisp
git clone https://github.com/bashrc/gnu-social-mode ~/elisp/gnu-social-mode

Add the following to your Emacs configuration:

(add-to-list 'load-path "~/elisp/gnu-social-mode")
(require 'gnu-social-mode)

For automatic login you can also set:

(setq gnu-social-server-textlimit 2000
      gnu-social-server "quitter.se"
      gnu-social-username "yourusername"
      gnu-social-password "yourpassword")


To start:

M-x gnu-social

The basics:

key Function
i Show/Hide icons
C-c C-s Post status update
r Repeat
F Favourite
C-c C-h Highlight
R Reply to user
C-c C-r Show replies
C-c C-f Friends timeline
C-c C-v View user profile


key Function
j Next
k Previous

Showing timelines:

key Function
g Current timeline
C-c C-a Public timeline
C-c C-g Group timeline
C-c C-t Tag timeline
C-c C-k Stop
C-c C-u User timeline
C-c C-c Conversation timeline
C-c C-o Remote user timeline
C-c C-d Post direct Message