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  Lech Lorens d8ad67e596 Add flags description to "pull" help text. 2 years ago
  Omar Jarjur 603765779f Submitting review d052037c268b 2 years ago
  Lech Lorens d052037c26 Describe format of comment location specification 2 years ago
  Omar Jarjur 98c8fb2f1c Submitting review 8a2966d777e7 2 years ago
  dan pittman 19e9212616 addesses second round of review comments 2 years ago
  dan pittman fe1cb670a7 addresses review comments 2 years ago
  dan pittman 8abc1c7583 implements signing for remaining subcommands 2 years ago
  dan pittman a632af3b75 adds verification for pulling 2 years ago
  dan pittman 431ccab3e7 implements signing for requests acceptances 2 years ago
  dan pittman 8a2966d777 adds gpg package 2 years ago
  Omar Jarjur 2414523905 Submitting review ca4312998489 3 years ago
  Omar Jarjur 7c60f9de28 Fix a bug in the choice of comment hash. 3 years ago
  Omar Jarjur ca43129984 Support edited comments. 3 years ago
  Omar Jarjur 0cd354abd8 Submitting review 58ae7dfd458d 3 years ago
  Tristan Colgate 71bb3eb261 Centralize repository location checking 3 years ago
  Tristan Colgate dadd50baca Update the error to describe the location format more clearly. 3 years ago
  Tristan Colgate c15295572f Add check for non-zero column on line 0 3 years ago
  Tristan Colgate c7f4dd9dc1 Fix line indexing 3 years ago
  Tristan Colgate 67ef204f24 Update comment display to respect line range 3 years ago
  Tristan Colgate 58ae7dfd45 [WIP] Implement full source file range support 3 years ago
  Omar Jarjur bdd9df5e22 Submitting review 75ba09cbd85c 3 years ago
  Stephen 75ba09cbd8 add travis status to README 3 years ago
  Omar Jarjur 14dd1b490a Submitting review 5b21d 3 years ago
  Omar Jarjur c7bae98da1 Merge branch 'master' into HEAD 3 years ago
  Tomáš Hübelbauer 362eb53cb7 Convert Bash comment to MarkDown heading 3 years ago
  Omar Jarjur c05f212f50 Submitting review 010175 3 years ago
  Tomáš Hübelbauer 5b21ddc7de Add Windows instructions for Git Appraise alias 3 years ago
  Sean Leather 01017525f6 Link to git-notes documentation 3 years ago
  Omar Jarjur 8e7f36ad4d Submitting review bf23df28bcbf 3 years ago
  Omar Jarjur bf23df28bc Validate review hashes when loading a review. 3 years ago