Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Bob Mottram 678a8ec6c7 Use backports version of linux-image-armmp-lpae 1 hour ago
  Bob Mottram 192a4e73b0 Use console variable 4 hours ago
  Bob Mottram cde0439795 Simplify 4 hours ago
  Bob Mottram 7a4605f04a Change variable name 4 hours ago
  Bob Mottram c58da1a0ff replace btrfs 4 hours ago
  Bob Mottram 1b94108413 simplify uboot configuration 4 hours ago
  Bob Mottram 6ffed269b8 Skip sources.list replacement for raspbian (not officially supported, but might work) 9 hours ago
  Bob Mottram 55a3613d7c Allow installing on raspbian 9 hours ago
  Bob Mottram 1335d854cb ext4 rootfs, because uboot supports it 20 hours ago
  Bob Mottram 5eba8e4b23 Speculative rock64 boot parameters 22 hours ago
  Bob Mottram c16814e75e Create rock64 device tree blob 22 hours ago
  Bob Mottram 98b2c59505 Device tree blob creator 22 hours ago
  Bob Mottram 03894def22 Tidying 1 day ago
  Bob Mottram 4bd3077602 zap version 2.2 1 day ago
  Bob Mottram f9ea34020e Add earlyprintk to uncompress kernel 1 day ago
  Bob Mottram 12a70c8c29 repack variable 1 day ago
  Bob Mottram e5c0f922e5 Copyright header 1 day ago
  Bob Mottram bc34cc62e3 Image creation text 2 days ago
  Bob Mottram fb723fad44 Tidying 2 days ago
  Bob Mottram 47f5beb1d8 Remove config files 2 days ago
  Bob Mottram a8678b0b26 Config files get regenerated anyway 2 days ago
  Bob Mottram 5cc4ffed7e Set disk free value when syncthing ids change 2 days ago
  Bob Mottram 927f227fee Set minimum disk free 2 days ago
  Bob Mottram c397c45cf2 Stick with same syntax 2 days ago
  Bob Mottram e3824ed48f Convert old syntax for each user 2 days ago
  Bob Mottram 3e6faef19a Set minimum disk free for each user 2 days ago
  Bob Mottram e2bb6920eb Don't match whole line 2 days ago
  Bob Mottram 3236dd522e Upgrade previous disk free syntax 2 days ago
  Bob Mottram 72e21eeb20 Tidying 2 days ago
  Bob Mottram 5bfc177ce7 Set minimum disk space free for synthing 2 days ago