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Epicyon Project Goals

  • A minimal ActivityPub server, comparable to an email MTA
  • AGPLv3+
  • Server-to-server and client-to-server protocols supported
  • Implemented in a common language (Python 3)
  • Keyword filtering.
  • Remove metadata from attached images, avatars and backgrounds
  • Being able to build crowdsouced organizations with roles and skills
  • Sharings collection, similar to the gnusocial sharings plugin
  • Quotas for received posts per day, per domain and per account
  • Hellthread detection and removal
  • Instance and account level federation lists
  • Support content warnings, reporting and blocking
  • http signatures and basic auth
  • Compatible with http (onion addresses), https and dat
  • Minimal dependencies.
  • Capabilities based security
  • Support image blurhashes
  • Data minimization principle. Configurable post expiry time
  • Likes and repeats only visible to authorized viewers
  • ReplyGuy mitigation - maxmimum replies per post or posts per day
  • Ability to delete or hide specific conversation threads
  • Commandline interface
  • Simple web interface
  • Designed for intermittent connectivity. Assume network disruptions
  • Limited visibility of follows/followers
  • Suitable for single board computers

Features which won't be implemented

The following are considered antifeatures of other social network systems, since they encourage dysfunctional social interactions.

  • Trending hashtags, or trending anything
  • Ranking, rating or recommending mechanisms for posts or people (other than likes or repeats/boosts)
  • Geolocation features
  • Algorithmic timelines (i.e. non-chronological)
  • Direct payment mechanisms, although integration with other services may be possible
  • Any variety of blockchain
  • Sponsored posts