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Epicyon Customizations

Terms of Service

You can customize the terms of service by editing accounts/tos.txt. If it doesn't already exist then you can use default_tos.txt as a template.

About Your Instance

Information about your instance and its origin story can be added by editing accounts/about.txt.

Welcome Message

On the login screen you can provide a custom welcome message by creating the file accounts/login.txt. This could be used to show a motd or scheduled maintenance information.

Login Logo

You can customize the image on the login screen by saving your instance logo to accounts/login.png. A background image can also be set for the login screen by adding accounts/login-background.png

A custom background image can be supplied for the search screen by adding accounts/search-background.png

Reports Advice

When a moderator report is created the message at the top of the screen can be customized to provide any additional information, advice or alerts. Edit accounts/report.txt and add your text.

Extra Emoji

Extra emoji can be added to the emoji directory and you should then update the emoji/emoji.json file, which maps the name to the filename (without the .png extension).


If you want to create a new theme then the functions for that are within These functions take the css templates and modify them. You will need to edit themesDropdown within and add the appropriate translations for the theme name. Themes are selectable from the profile screen of the administrator.