Commit History

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  Bob Mottram b40ae4efb9 Missing argument 4 days ago
  Bob Mottram 9925b986b3 Check for dict 4 days ago
  Bob Mottram 8dc02ae340 Check for invalid directory 6 days ago
  Bob Mottram 1da6bea818 Bookmarks interaction with posts cache 1 week ago
  Bob Mottram f6f35d69d6 Update announce posts in cache 1 week ago
  Bob Mottram 0aedab61fb Handle post cache for undo like 1 week ago
  Bob Mottram 9de4fc04c1 Remove excess references to commentjson 1 week ago
  Bob Mottram cc704314a9 Remove some checks from the Like object urls so that non-mastodon posts can be liked 2 weeks ago
  Bob Mottram fd61e985cf Avoid needing to parse the objectUrl 2 weeks ago
  Bob Mottram 2835559d3e Tidying 3 weeks ago
  Bob Mottram 0192532293 Fixing non-ascii text 3 weeks ago
  Bob Mottram 2b884be142 Include character encoding in content-type http header 3 weeks ago
  Bob Mottram 077d34ba7a Tidying the loading and saving of json 1 month ago
  Bob Mottram 255a32c0dc Remove cached post on like update 1 month ago
  Bob Mottram 4ea799f264 Reduce indents 1 month ago
  Bob Mottram 92214ef5ed Parsing outbox for hubzilla channel 1 month ago
  Bob Mottram da58015e20 Getting actor if webfinger fails 1 month ago
  Bob Mottram c0361bd5bf Convert exception to string 1 month ago
  Bob Mottram f056c811be More debug for commentjson 1 month ago
  Bob Mottram 48c5424e33 More retries 1 month ago
  Bob Mottram 83d21e4de6 Add some retries 1 month ago
  Bob Mottram 3c6122c56c Exception handling 2 months ago
  Bob Mottram 2a3c05c482 object 2 months ago
  Bob Mottram a4e8282028 Don't need to sort keys 2 months ago
  Bob Mottram 4004e231e5 Handle missing items list 2 months ago
  Bob Mottram cd5af800c2 Allow profile in path 2 months ago
  Bob Mottram 69c14dd7bf Extra checks on likes 3 months ago
  Bob Mottram 8f346fffef Better handling of actor parsing 3 months ago
  Bob Mottram ab9b42c211 Fix display of likes 3 months ago
  Bob Mottram 779fc287d1 Version 1.0.0 3 months ago