My Emacs configuration

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My Emacs config

This emacs configuration is based upon the one made by Sacha Chua


  • Golden ratio windowing
  • ERC via Tor
  • Microblogging with GNU Social
  • Fancy org-mode customisation with support for bash code blocks
  • Support for Markdown and Rust
  • Weather reports with wttrin
  • expand-region selection with C-=

Quick reference

Org-agenda task manager

Create a new task

Enter org-capture mode with M-c r

Select t to create a task

View your agenda

M-c a followed by w for weekly.

Clear done tasks

M-x followed by clear-done-tasks


C-c a a to switch to your agenda, then M-c to show the calendar view.

| g       | Refresh     |
| j       | Goto date   |
| k       | org-capture |
| x       | Close       |
| d       | Day view    |
| v d     | Day view    |
| v w     | Week view   |
| v m     | Month View  |


On Debian/Trisquel:

cd distros

On Arch/Parabola:

cd distros

After install edit your ~/.emacs.personal file with your personal settings.