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Chaos Sticker Collection

A collection of stickers found at hacker events made available for free reproduction. Everything from slogans to unicorns goes. :-)

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Merge Request are Welcome! New Stickers, better versions, more cyber!

Add Stickers

  1. Fork the repository
  2. Put images in a subfolder of ./images/ (descriptive names please!)
  3. Run the script to add new entries to data.json
  4. Create a merge request

Supported fields:

  • Tags: unicorns advertisement (lower case)
  • Title: We Deploy Unicorns
  • Author: Mrs. Unicorn <>
  • License: CC0-1.0 (SPDX format)
  • Language: english (lower case)
  • Link: (lower case)

All fields are optional!

Submit Guidlines

  • Only submit stickers that are free for non-commercial use (at least)
  • Prefer images rather then photos of stickers, those are better for printing.


Give stars/karma points to the source repository if possible!