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Terminal client for cabal, the p2p chat platform.

See cabal-core for the underlying database & api.

chat with us: npx cabal cabal://cabal.chat


$ npm install --global cabal
$ cabal --new


Start a new instance:

cabal --new

then copy the key and give it to someone else.

Connect to an existing instance:

cabal <key>


cabal cabal://0201400f1aa2e3076a3f17f4521b2cc41e258c446cdaa44742afe6e1b9fd5f82

Remember cabals for auto-joining

save a cabal to the config

cabal --save <key>

then connect to all of your saved cabals, by simply running cabal:


show saved cabals with --cabals and remove a saved cabal with --forget

cabal --cabals
cabal --forget <key|alias>

Save an alias to a key

create a local name for a key.

cabal --alias <name> --key <key>
cabal <name>

Scan a QR code to join a cabal:

Cabal can use a webcam connected to your computer to read a cabal key from a QR code. For this to work, you'll need to install an additional system dependency:

  • Linux: sudo apt-get install fswebcam
  • MacOS: brew install imagesnap

    # Hold up your QR code in front of the webcam and then run:
    cabal --qr

Headless mode

This will run cabal without a UI. You can use this to seed a cabal (e.g. on a VPS) and make its data more available:

cabal <key> --seed


/add, /cabal
  add a cabal
  create a new cabal
/nick, /n
  change your display name
/emote, /me
  write an old-school text emote
  display the names of the currently online peers
  display the cabal's channels
  set pane to navigate up and down in panes: channels, cabals
/join, /j
  join a new channel
/leave, /l
  leave a channel
  clear the current backscroll
  display this help message
  generate a qr code with the current cabal's address
/quit, /exit
  exit the cabal process
/topic, /motd
  set the topic/description/message of the day for a channel
/whoami, /key
  display your local user key
  display the public keys associated with the passed in nick

  move between channels/cabals panes
  move up/down channels/cabals


    clear input line
    delete last word in input
    cycle through command history
    cycle through command history
    go to start of input line
    go to end of input line
    go to next channel
    go to previous channel
    go to next unread channel
    scroll up through backlog
    scroll down through backlog
    scroll up through nicklist
    scroll down through nicklist
    select channels 1-9
    tab between the cabals & channels panes
    tab toggle id suffixes on/off


The message styling can be slightly tweaked.
Regarding the supported options, see .cabal.yml-example