Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Bob Mottram 010d78a966 Remove bothersome icon 1 month ago
  Bob Mottram ce2974b509 Notification icon 1 month ago
  Bob Mottram 3234f9d181 Replace launcher icons 1 month ago
  Bob Mottram 91975651ba Change mono icons 1 month ago
  Bob Mottram 7d677fe17c Notification icons 1 month ago
  Bob Mottram ffd23105c8 Merge with upstream 1 month ago
  Daniel Gultsch 417a6e8307 use proper theme in restore activity. fixes #3389 1 month ago
  Daniel Gultsch a243cdb944 version bump to 2.4.1 + changelog 1 month ago
  Daniel Gultsch 24a51d8715 do null check before splitting error message for processing 1 month ago
  Daniel Gultsch b79a2447b2 bump version to 2.4.0 1 month ago
  Daniel Gultsch 895a140ec5 pulled translations from transifex 1 month ago
  Daniel Gultsch b4b4950a75 s/Jabber ID/XMPP address/ 1 month ago
  Daniel Gultsch d95b904b5b show file too large instead of generic delivery failed 1 month ago
  Daniel Gultsch 3fabb52293 after switching from forced foreground to foreground notification needs update 2 months ago
  Daniel Gultsch 905d2ab432 explicitly set profile+level for encoder 2 months ago
  Daniel Gultsch bd5b8aff78 fixed typo. s/exits/exists/ 2 months ago
  Daniel Gultsch cdaa61b6a3 fixed broken nl translation string for quicksy. good thing we have travis 2 months ago
  Daniel Gultsch 009546d0cf increment version to 2.4.0-beta.2 2 months ago
  Daniel Gultsch a658eb2d4b pulled translations from transifex 2 months ago
  Daniel Gultsch f26a57ced4 fixed regression of search hint not updating in StartConversation screen 2 months ago
  Daniel Gultsch 6b5e81df49 allow filtering in participant view. fixes #3371 2 months ago
  Daniel Gultsch 5f543e8314 show notification when backup is done 2 months ago
  Daniel Gultsch d79768e923 do not show 'manage permissions' submenu when only 'remove from room' is visible 2 months ago
  Daniel Gultsch 766cb8c088 extend max label size slightly 2 months ago
  Martin 8cf190eb66 Fixed typo in (#3374) 2 months ago
  Daniel Gultsch bebce313b2 print available stream features / mechanisms on incompat server 2 months ago
  Daniel Gultsch ef09b0ab1a use the term channel in destroy dialog 2 months ago
  Daniel Gultsch 4c8b1eb4bc version bump to 2.4.0-beta + changelog 2 months ago
  Daniel Gultsch 310362130f catch activity not found when trying to open contact app 2 months ago
  Daniel Gultsch bfaf10aa72 brought back 'moderated' config in advanced mode 2 months ago