A version of the Conversations XMPP app which only uses onion addresses.

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Dark Messenger

Private chat, powered by Tor

Design principles

  • Based upon the Conversations app.
  • Requires Orbot
  • Uses onion addresses
  • Assumes you or someone you trust runs an XMPP server on an onion address
  • Don't allow clearnet domains
  • TLS not required
  • Protect metadata in addition to message content
  • OMEMO always enabled
  • Dark theme!
  • Secure by default and difficult to accidentally use insecurely
  • Can be used in parallel with an existing Conversations app installed on a phone. It won't overwrite Conversations or interfere with it.


Sending and receiving attachments

You'll see a self-signed certificate warning when you first try to send or receive an attachment. Select 'always' twice.

Multi-user chat

When creating a group chat make sure that you have first confirmed two way messaging individually with each of the participants.

Setting up an XMPP server

If you don't want to configure an XMPP server youself then Freedombone provides an easy way to install one which has all the correct XEPs enabled.