MUD game

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Originally developed by Alan Cox and first released written in C in 1989.


On An Arch/Parabola based system:

sudo pacman -S gcc multilib-devel

Or on a Debian based system:

sudo apt-get install gcc-8-multilib

Then build:

make server
sudo make install


Run the server:

cp abernew/motd .
touch UAF
abermud-server -p 5000 blizzard32.uni

Login from another system:

telnet [domain or IP] 5000

Running as a daemon

To create a systemd daemon:

git clone /etc/abermud
cd /etc/abermud
cp abernew/motd .
touch UAF
cp blizzard32.uni mud.uni
useradd -d /etc/abermud/ abermud
cp abermud.service /etc/systemd/system/abermud.service
systemctl enable abermud.service
systemctl daemon-reload
systemctl start abermud.service

Editing and saving the database

You will first need to have a file called .allowarchwizard in the same directory as the server.

touch .allowarchwizard

For help on making changes to the universe see the manpage:

man abermud-server

Login with username Anarchy, then run the command:

saveuniverse [filename]

Typically with a .uni file extension.

When you are finished editing stop the server and remove the file:

rm .allowarchwizard